Jorge Cuartas

Jorge Cuartas (Born in 1972) has been painting graffiti since 1985. Heralded as one of the Pioneers of the art form,
Cuartas has been credited with being the first graffiti artist to paint in Costa Rica, and Colombia, while also having the
distinction of being the first Miami graffiti artist invited to paint at New York City’s Legendary “Wall Of Fame”. In 1990
(his freshman year at the Savannah College Of Art & Design), Cuartas began traveling the United States in order to
paint in as many cities as possible while earning his BFA in Illustration and Graphic Design. By 1994, he had painted
every major city on both Coasts, as well as just about every town in between.
Career-wise, Cuartas has somehow managed to support his family as a professional hobbyist of sorts. Working in
everything from Skateboarding, to Mountain Biking, Triathlons, BMX, Road Racing, and Motocross as a competitor,
team manager, event producer, writer, designer, illustrator, and editor. The Renaissance Man lifestyle has provided him
with the work ethic necessary to successfully execute all manner of projects on time, and under budget.
While graffiti has been a passion of his, Cuartas has avoided going down the gallery route, instead opting to keep
his art as something both personal and therapeutic. Keeping it fun, and non-stressful has allowed him the freedom
to evolve stylistically; while the lack of pressure to produce even when not motivated, has kept him from burning out.
Now in his mid-forties, Cuartas paints weekly, while balancing a successful career in action sports, PTA duties, and the
parenting of his three children.
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