Kai Gaynor is a Colorado Springs based artist specializing in portrait art. Inspired by women and nature, Kai’s artwork celebrates the beauty and complexity of the human experience.
Her work is inspired by the essence of femininity and the natural world. In addition to portraiture, she is also exploring subjects like space, metaphysics, and nature of both terrestrial and cultural aspects. Her creative process involves a blend of digital and traditional techniques, where she uses traditional media such as drawing and painting to create sketches and compositions before further bringing them to life through digital media. In addition to her creative work, Kai has extensive experience working as an art teacher both privately and for her part time job at Concrete Couch, a Colorado Springs nonprofit. She has also planned vending and art events, such as AFC (Art Flow Collective) Nights, which was a series of events that offered a fun environment for multidisciplinary artists to socialize and create together. In addition, she has conducted numerous art-based workshops for businesses like Lil Miss Story Hour and has created murals for various organizations, including the Pikes Peak Children’s Museum, CC Mobile Arts, and Simple Body Products to name a few. She has also designed logos and sells her merchandise under her business, Momo-XO Art, which features a variety of art prints, stickers, apparel, and more. Her shop is located both online and at local shops in her area.
Through her artwork and teaching, Kai aims to tell the stories of the people she portrays and encourages viewers to embrace their own unique identities and creativity.

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