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Frequently Asked Questions

Please feel free to reach out to if you have any additional questions!

  • July 16-18 2021 | Boulder, CO
  • Friday – 2pm-8pm
  • Saturday – 10am-8pm
  • Sunday – 10am-8pm
  • The Festival is located along the Boulder Creek from 9th Street to 14th Street between Canyon Blvd and Arapahoe Ave.
  • Your exact booth space will be emailed to you in the weeks before the festival.
  • The base fees will be similar to years past. Fees depend on the type of vendor/goods being sold. Please see your specific category for more information. All applications are nonrefundable.
  • We will be offering special pricing for Boulder based businesses! All Boulder-based businesses will receive a 15% discount of the vendor booth fee
  • To apply for a vendor position at Boulder Creek Festival, please click here.  If you are a Boulder-based business please click here for a special 15% discount. 

  • No, all application fees are nonrefundable.

Booth fees may be honored a refund if you can no longer participate in the event. Please see below. Please note: application fees are nonrefundable.

  • November 15 – March 1: 25% Refund Except Application Fee
  • After March 1st: No Refunds Will Be Accepted 
  • This will be a rain-snow-or-shine show. Please plan accordingly.

  • Feeling like being more involved with Boulder Creek Festival 2020? Feel free to contact us for sponsorships.

  • Alcohol
  • Beverages of anykind including alcohol, bottled water or soda
  • Cannabis products containing THC
  • Illegal substances or products
  • Weapons

Please view the application for pricing information.

  • We provide a 10×10 booth space for each vendor location. All vendors must bring their own tent, tent weights, tables and signage. Staking of tents into the ground will not be permitted.

  • Vendors will be able to access power for a fee of $150 ( Please note that only certain areas will have access to power within the festival footprint). Please make sure to request power in your application and include what those power needs are. Please reach out if you have other power-related questions. Electricity will be turned OFF overnight.

  • All vendors requesting electricity must supply their own 12awg heavy duty 100-foot grounded extension cord adequate for the amperage and voltage needed to adequately power their appliances.  A licensed electrician will be onsite to handle all electrical needs for the Festival.

  • Details will be shared to all accepted vendor applicants as we approach the Festival.

  • No. You do not have to live in Boulder to participate in the 2021 Boulder Creek Festival.

  • We are happy to offer a 15% discount of the vendor booth fee for Boulder-based Businesses.

  • Vendor understands that only minimal security will be provided overnight, so all goods of value should be removed from the grounds and returned each morning. Team Player Productions nor Boulder Creek Festival is responsible for lost or stolen items.

  • We ask that you support our efforts to be an environmentally sensitive event.

  • PLEASE NOTE: You will not be allowed to use anything that is not compostable including but limited to; Styrofoam OR use individual condiment packets this year. Whether or not you participate as a Zero Waste vendor – if you use biodegradable foam it must state so on the container.

    Please visit Boulder’s Zero Waste Program website for more information. 

  • Boulder Creek Festival Management reserves the right to assign Vendor’s space in accordance with the best interest of the Boulder Creek Festival. Boulder Creek Festival also reserves the right to limit the number of food vendors and the number of food vendors selling the same products.

  • All vendors agree to abide by all policies, procedures, guidelines, fee schedules and operations relating to Boulder Creek Festival. Boulder Creek Festival nor Team Player Productions are not held responsible for any damages or losses.

  • All vendors are required to submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Team Player Productions, Inc 3457 Ringsby Court. Ste 107 Denver, CO 80216 as Certificate Holder and as additional insured showing liability coverage for $1,000,000.00 incidental and $2,000,000.00 general aggregate. This insurance policy must list the following information in the “Additional Insured” box: Team Player Productions, Boulder Creek Festival and their officers, members, volunteers, staff and agents, the City and County of Boulder, its Elected and Appointed Officials, Employees and Volunteers, the State of Colorado, and the owners of any Boulder Creek Festival related property as additional insured’s.

Additional City of Boulder permits and/or inspections will be required if you include to offers any of the following items:


  • Mobile Food Vendors / Trucks
  • Open Burning / Open Flame Cooking
  • Mobile Food Vendors / Trucks
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